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Corporate leadership at global, regional and domestic companies face an increasing number of critical challenges due to intensified competition in developed and emerging markets. Growth is determined by their GTM strategy in the dynamics of markets in which they operate

We help you capitalize on business opportunities by developing "Glocal" corporate strategies to identify potential target markets, leverage enterprise capabilities, achieve sustainable competitive advantages and long term goals.


  • Define, Measure and Analyze TAM, competitive landscape, offerings and capabilities through best-in-class analytics and methodologies

  • Develop, articulate, and help implementing strategies to transform, scale, or launch new products and services

  • Help in creating stakeholder alignment, RACI charts, communication programs and cost/benefit reporting system


Business Unit

Business-unit executives are facing the challenge of answering the most important strategic question: where and how to play in order to deliver growth and sustainable results

We prepare business units to answer that question by identifying pockets of growth opportunities and how to capture them. We design an end-to-end strategy and execution plan with a reliable process to report progress.


  • Define target markets, sales and channel strategy for companies to sell products and services

  • Address specific challenges in go-to-market strategies, sales-force effectiveness, key-account and channel partner management 

  • Help in P&L modeling, operational metrics design and pricing strategy 


Emerging Markets

Unlocking growth opportunities in Emerging Markets is the most challenging task for global companies. Understanding the uniqueness of Emerging Markets is fundamental to craft the right strategy and execution plans that yield the desired outcome.

We design crisp strategies for companies to enter, develop and expand in Emerging Markets, taking into account the particularities and inherent challenges of each landscape. We believe a "one-size-fits-all" approach is not adequate. That's why we take a de-averaged approach in building best-in-class go-to-market strategies, coupled by a concerted and systematic execution plan given the particularities and variabilities on the ground.


  • Scope targeted and untapped markets to discover hidden pockets of opportunities

  • Perform multi-point market dynamics analysis including local market demand, competitive landscape, growth and profitability sensitivity case

  • Design operating model strategy and GTM plans including investment and return case, regulations, partnerships, coverage and support models
    Help strategy execution with ad hoc changes if needed 



Our strategy practice is based on extensive and hands-on experience in leading businesses around the world. We know what works and how it works. Simply put, we develop “executable” strategies with proven records of sustained success.

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