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Performance Improvement

Performance improvement is the prime focus of executive management. We assist corporate leadership in addressing critical strategic issues to enable focus on operational excellence, create value and lasting results.

Our core competencies are specifically tailored to help companies accelerate transformation, allowing for sustainable growth and consistent results.  

Our Approach

  • We identify the real drivers of improved performance and focus on transforming key aspects of the business to create the most impact on value

  • We begin with performance diagnostics, a rigorous discovery and definition process to identify and quantify high-impact opportunities. Based on our findings and analysis, we work with our clients to create a compelling strategy and execution plans.


  • The key to the successful execution of each of these plans is the development of bespoke answers to the specific performance challenges that each of our clients face. Our analysis goes beyond benchmarks and standard processes. We achieve a holistic view of the company to make recommendations on tactical adjustment or overall business model change.

  • We take a practical approach, deploy effective methodologies and give a personal commitment to see the job through, working effectively with clients to help them deliver the expected results and witness their performance improved



Turn-around & Transformation

  • Three-part transformation framework

  • Sustainable step-change turn-around model

  • Tactical & strategic projects identification 

  • Transition and execution plans 


Enhanced Profitability & Cost Reduction 

  • Competitive cost modeling and alignment to LOBs and P&Ls

  • Cost base restructuring and process re-engineering

  • Shared service models & outsourcing strategy 

  • Strategic sourcing and supply chain models


Operational Due-Diligence

  • Flexible and analytics-driven diagnostics

  • Evaluation of risks, opportunities and outlooks

  • Operational stress-test and competitive analysis

  • Identification of quick-wins and longer term opportunities


Value Creation

  • Synergy targets Identification  – both revenue and cost – a proven approach to achieve them, and a reliable process to report progress

  • Integration and carve-outs across existing portfolio and new assets 

  • Support financial investors to execute value creation plans across a diverse range of portfolio assets


Profitable Revenue Growth

  • Define the right balance of core & adjacent  vs. new growth opportunities

  • Identify attractive opportunities with sustainable growth trajectory

  • Identify growth enablers and required organizational capabilities 

  • Develop profitable revenue growth plans, stakeholder alignment, ROS & ROI metrics, and roadmap check points


Service Delivery

  • Define delivery model and rethink services to meet customer demands

  • Analyze traditional and digital touch points throughout the customer journey and product/services lifecycle 

  • Develop integrated processes of touch points and interactions, online and offline and enable digital transition


Sales & Channel Management

  • Define How, where and to whom companies sell their products and services and the channels they use 

  • Address specific challenges in go-to-market strategy, sales-force effectiveness, key-account and channel partner management 

  • Develop sales excellence programs including incentives and training 


Organization Design

  • Create initial baseline analysis - Incorporates both quantitative and qualitative aspects that measure capabilities in relation to the business’s competitive landscape and internal goals

  • Design the organizational structure that best enables the  business objectives and strategy as defined by leadership taking into account market differentiation and relevance.

  • Define fundamental decisions about the design of the organizations, including enterprise-level structure, functional structure, management processes and decision rights, and roles and responsibilities.


Operating Model

  • Assist with market sizing and assessment; competitor analysis; market and customer segmentation; business & GTM strategy; sourcing, partnership and operation support models 

  • Work with key stakeholders and leadership as we incorporate our findings and recommendations into a jointly-owned and managed, fit-for-purpose plan of actions

  • Work side-by-side with action owners to set an organization’s defined plan into motion by helping to mobilize teams, secure key talent and ultimately, to successfully launch the new or modified operating model


We know how to identify the real drivers of improved performance and therefore, focusing on the key changes which create the most impact on value.

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